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2023 Theme is Living Out Loud 

September's Theme is: Love Out Loud

Monthly Theme Summary: 

In Science of Mind, we often say that the word “God” is synonymous with love. Because God is all there is, love must be all there is. But in a world filled

with war, violence, and division, it’s challenging to see that God, or love, resides behind the darkness. This month, we are being invited to lean into love and express

love out loud. Let’s look for love in every place we go: in the people we interact with, the events of the world, and most of all, within ourselves. If we want to see more

love in the world, we must be willing to live as an example of love in action.



September 3rd  

Weekly Topic Title: “I Love Myself So Much!”

Enjoying the experience of being loved and loving others, starts with loving ourselves. We inspire love in the world by living as examples of what love looks like.

So if we want to encourage others to love themselves, we must love ourselves out loud. The people around us would benefit from knowing about our

own self-love practices. Others are more likely to commit to their own practices after seeing how effective they are for people who they love.

Let’s dive deeper into loving ourselves and share our experience with the world. 


September 10th 

Weekly Topic Title: "Love on a Spectrum"

In-Person Service!

Love has no limitations. Every person expresses love and experiences love, but we do it in our own way. Some people prefer polyamorous relationships.

Pansexuals do not choose their partners based on gender. Cultural norms may lead the people around us to be critical of our choices

to express love authentically. But when we stand in our truth and love out loud, we create loving change within our own communities. Cross-cultural

relationships lead to more unity. Celebrating our love out loud helps normalize different ways of expressing love,

and inspires others to embrace their own expressions of love. 


September  17th 

Weekly Topic Title: "Love Thy Neighbor"

Guest Speaker – Rev. Steph St. Amand

Peace in the world starts with us. To truly create a world that works best for everyone, we must ensure that everyone’s voice is included.

We must make space in our lives and our communities for people who think differently than we do. When we surround ourselves with people of all ages,

races, sexual orientations, political affiliations, spiritual beliefs, cultural backgrounds and life experiences, we expand our own understanding of love.

Living by example and loving each other, regardless of our differences, is a beautiful way to create a peaceful world that works for all. 


September 24th    

Weekly Topic Title: "Love Wins!"

The Universe does not make mistakes.  We are all here by Divine appointment to add to the expansion of the world.

We are the perfect co-creators with Spirit in order to accentuate our unique passion and purpose. It is indeed our

Spirit-infused responsibility to share our gifts authentically. We all have a purpose which becomes more evident as we listen to our inner guidance.

However, we do have a limited time in our present physical form with which to birth and share these.

We seize the day when we step boldly into our creations.


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