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    Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM 


2024 Theme is A Grand Rising

June's Theme is: Holy Boldness

Monthly Theme Summary: 

Life invites us to live with gusto and verve. The only thing holding us back is ourselves and possible perceptions of obstacles. If Harriet

Tubman could make a way out of her extreme circumstances and experiences, we all can. Our attitude, outlook, willingness, perseverance, persistence,

and resilience are critical. There is a sacred knowing deep within us that always supports and guides us. Combined with courage, tenacity, and keen inner listening,

this innate knowing will deliver us from and through anything. As we work in partnership with Spirit,

all things are truly possible, especially the seemingly impossible.


June 2nd 

Weekly Topic Title: Sacred Audacity

Our participation is needed in life. We have choice and volition in how we engage. We can either subdue our light or live boldly in a vibrant manner. We have permission from Spirit to live creatively through our unique nature that was assigned just to us. We get to step out, draw outside of the lines, and think beyond our fears with our imagination and courage. When we act intentionally, humbly, and from our wellspring within, we can enjoy a bold grand rising into a new moment of transformation. This sacred audacity fuels us to reach, stretch, and strive.

June 9th 

Weekly Topic Title: Fired Up


Speaker: Bill Smith, RScP 

Have you ever been on fire about something and NOTHING could convince you otherwise? Where did that fire come from?

As you reflect on it now, can you feel the fire and passion welling back up? Our imagination and recall can bring it

and the drive behind it back to us again.  Holy boldness is the fire in your soul that propels you to action. It ignites the flame within, keeps it stoked,

and confirms that anything is possible in God. Holy boldness is the “fire in the belly” that is the necessary conviction for effective prayer.

June 16th 

Weekly Topic Title: Unbounded & Unstoppable

If we believe in something so deeply and we decide to pursue it, we may feel a sense of freedom to accomplish it.

There are no limits or barriers that can stop us. We feel like nothing is holding us back, and we are unbounded and

unstoppable to express and manifest life’s creativity. When we feel this way in God, we feel irrepressible and unrestrained, liberated and lifted,

and ready to take on anything with faith, strength, and trust in the unlimited potential of the Infinite that is within and all around us. 

June 23rd

Weekly Topic Title:  Higher Heights

Higher heights take us higher than where we are right now. We can’t lift our vision and expectations with a downward gaze. We must elevate our vision upward, beyond the clouds, beyond the stars, beyond the rainbow to rise to higher heights. The infinite spectrum of Spirit applies directly to us.

We have unlimited potential and abundant resources at our immediate disposal. However, we first have to remove any hidden beliefs that tell us we don’t, or can’t, or aren’t. We live in a bountiful universe of greatness that continually exposes us to higher heights if we’re open to it.

June 30th

Weekly Topic Title:  Higher Heights

Speakers: Practitoner Team

As spiritual beings we are made all-inclusive through the creativity and abundance of God. At the center of our core is every color of the rainbow. We all come equipped with a color-filled palette at the core of our being, with all colors, shades, and hues. No matter if we tend towards colorful and vibrant or muted tones and shades, we all are our own version of “colorful to the core”. It takes all the colors and shapes in the spectrum to make up the infinite variety of who we all are. 


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