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    Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM 


2023 Theme is Living Out Loud 

June’s Theme is: Embracing Self-Care

Monthly Theme Summary: 

To live your life to the fullest, self-care must be embraced in daily practice to help you remember who you are.

To know who you are, you must be aware of the unlimited possibilities that can be unlocked when you

harness the potential of your Real beingness. Through self-awareness of the mind, body,

and spirit you realize that you are a perfect entity and that you have all that you need for unlimited success and unconditional love.




June 4th 

Weekly Topic Title: Evolution of Self-Care

The evolution of self-care has taken several turns since its discovery. Self-care started in the medical field with a similar meaning

as today. It included activities patients in the 1950s were advised to see their worth. This encouragement to

see their worth would, in turn, help the patient cultivate healthier habits, like eating right, and exercising,  in general cutting off the

unsupportive habits that are contrary to the rules of self-preservation. As time went on, the term was used in other fields like the

civil rights movement which encouraged the practice of self-care in order to continue the pursuit of equality.


June 11th 

Weekly Topic Title: Balancing Grief and Joy

Grief is an unavoidable emotion we all go through at some point in our life. We do not only experience grief when we lose

someone dear to us; other life situations can cause grief as well. To embrace self-care in trying times, it is imperative to

understand how to surf through the water of grief to joy.


June 18th 

Weekly Topic Pleasure

Guest Speaker - Rev. Dr. Patrick Harbula

Pleasure is a pleasant emotion of contentment felt deep within because of an event that builds positive feelings.

It is the opposite of grief and sadness. A wave of calmness washes over the body when it is felt, keeping the body and mind

in a peaceful state. Pleasure is imperative in every self-care process because it is the summarized

feeling of self-care. Every self-care aims to improve the emotions and feelings in you—pleasure is the aim. In the end,

caring for oneself, including pleasing the body and mind is self-care.  


June 25th     

Weekly Topic Title: Personalizing the Infinite

There are infinite possibilities waiting to be tapped. Everyone can be everything they imagined and more if they

only knew that they hold the key to unlocking their good. Personalization is taking ownership of the spiritual power

that lies right inside you. Each one of us is responsible for allowing that spiritual being to express through you, as you,

and in you, so you can be a light-shower to others. Just like objects, we can also personalize the infinite

possibilities of the universe and become who we ought to be.

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