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    Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM 

2023 Theme is Living Out Loud


March’s Theme is: Cultivating Authenticity

To live out loud means for us to fully express who we are and who we have come here to be. Throughout this month, we will explore the practice of cultivating authenticity which empowers us to step into all areas of our life in integrity with our real authentic self. Cultivating authenticity is not about becoming something other than who you are, rather it involves us in releasing those patterns of thought, attitudes, and actions that act as barriers to us standing in our personal truth and power. And by taking up this practice we develop courage to be vulnerable to stand in that truth.


March 5th

Weekly Topic Title: Everyone Else is Already Taken

It has been said, “Be yourself because everyone else is already taken,” and while we may nod our heads in agreement, 

we find ourselves sacrificing ourselves in order to fit in and for others to like us and approve of us. Starting with our authentic Self as an expression 

of the Divine, we will explore a means for us to recover a consciousness of our wholeness.

March 12th

Weekly Topic Title: Dropping the Masks and Bushels

Human beings wear masks at different times for different reasons. We wear masks for fun during holidays and at parties. Masks 

are worn in theater and the arts. During the pandemic, masks are worn to help prevent infection. And not all the masks are physical. 

There are times and situations that we wear “masks”, changing or hiding who we are, to protect our heart and emotions. 

This keeps us from experiencing connection and intimacy (in-to-me-see). Having the courage to be vulnerable, 

to drop our mask and let our light be seen and felt, is another piece in cultivating authenticity.

March 19th

Guest Speaker- Jeffon Seely

Weekly Topic Title: Boundaries Build Bridges

Boundaries are where we end and the other begins. If we desire to express ourselves authentically then it is up to us to become familiar with and clarify these boundaries for ourselves and others. Boundaries are the container in which our authentic self resides. Having clarity about 

our boundaries empowers us to know what is ours to be and do in the world. Letting others know keeps us from being doormats and being 

“stepped on.” It creates bridges to others by giving them a path to connect with us. It also prevents others from stepping 

on landmines they didn't even know were there. Sharing our boundaries invites us to get to know one another better.

March 26th

Weekly Topic Title: No Approval Needed

There is no way to talk about authenticity without addressing the elephant in the room: the feelings of shame and unworthiness. Shame is universal in the human experience. It is the feeling that we are “not enough.” It is a fear of being unlovable that convinces us that if we work harder, change ourselves, keep some parts hidden from others and maybe, when we finally become enough, we will then be worthy of love and connection with others. Learning what shame is and what triggers shame for us, we will be able to recognize it and move through 

it with our worthiness. Shame can become a guide for us to the areas that we do not yet love and accept ourselves. 

It is in those areas we are seeking our worth through approval of others.

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