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Sunday Meditation  10:30 AM
Sunday Service  11:00 AM


Meditation 10:30 AM

Service 11:00 AM

December Theme: 

"Following the Path to

Happiness & Fulfillment"

Sunday, December 2nd
Rev. Laura Hallett

Sunday, December 9th
Rev. Laura Hallett
"Spiritual Consciousness"

Sunday, December 16th
Rev. Laura Hallett
"Spiritual Conviction"

Sunday, December 23rd
Rev. Laura Hallett
"The Christ Consciousness"

Monday, December 24th
Rev. Laura Hallett
"Celebrate the Light –
Candle Lighting Service"

Sunday, December 30th
Rev. Laura Hallett
"The Burning Bowl Ritual"

The vitality of Spirit is Self-existent, Self-Propelling. As I become conscious of my Oneness with Good, I am filled with enthusiasm and a sense of energy and vitality.
~ Ernest Holmes ~


For your generous gift that co-creates our spiritual community!

Ernest Shurtleff Holmes was an American New Thought writer, teacher, and leader.  He was the author of The Science of Mind and numerous other metaphysical books.  The principles he taught as "Science of Mind" have inspired and influenced many generations of metaphysical students and teachers.

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December Newsletter

Following the Path to

Happiness and Fulfillment

"It should be considered right to live and enjoy living. To be well, happy and express freedom is to be in accord with Divine Law and Wisdom." ~Ernest Holmes

Greetings Beloveds!

What an amazing month November has been! We spent the entire month of November looking at Gratitude and how deeper practice of it can change our lives in the most amazing ways. Many of us took on the challenge of The Great Gratitude Experiment where we committed to spending the next 30 days identifying different things in our lives for which we are grateful. And we ended the month by looking at Gratitude from a mystical point of view.

Our theme for December is Following the Path to Happiness and Fulfillment. We’re beginning the month with one of my favorite spiritual practices – the amazing practice of Forgiveness. Forgiveness frees us from the past, from our own self-judgment, and from the ideas we have of how things should have been. It is one of the most powerful practices we can ever engage in. The next couple of weeks will be spent developing our spiritual connection – our connection with the Indwelling Presence. We’ll spend some time exploring the spiritual practice of Visioning during it free workshop presented by myself, along with Rev. Colleen Tanaka and Kelly Kapsar, RScP. And we’ll finish off the month with a releasing ritual called The Burning Bowl in which we release anything from the past year that has in anyway limited our experience of happiness and fulfillment and then we set an intention for our lives in the new year.

We will be celebrating this holiday season with a special candle lighting service on December 24th presented by myself, our music ministry, and our practitioners. Please plan to join us as we celebrate this season of love and light.

Center for Spiritual Living St. George is a thriving and dynamic spiritual community. We are spreading out in all areas of Washington County. We’ve been experiencing growth each and every week with new visitors and filled seats. If you know someone might resonate with our message and teaching, please consider inviting them to our services.

We are Center for Spiritual Living St. George and we thrive because of you!

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Laura

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