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An open, loving, inclusive

spiritual community welcomes you!

CSLSG is a member of the

St. George Interfaith Council


*NEW! Meditation 10:45 AM

Service 11:00 AM

Community Conversation 12 PM

You can access our meditation & service online either on our Facebook page 

or our YouTube channel 


Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision

Sunday, January 3rd

Joe Kovach RScP

"Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision"

Facebook & YouTube Live

Sunday,January 10th

Rev. Elisha Christopher

"Grounding Beyond the Beginning"

Facebook &YouTube Live

Sunday, January 17th

Jeffon Seely

"Here and Now"

Facebook & YouTube Live

Sunday, January 24th

Rev. Hannah Rothlin

"Looking Ahead"

Facebook & YouTube Live

Sunday, January 31st

Eugene Holden, RScP

"Looking Above"

Facebook & YouTube Live

*Our January MEDITATION facilitator:

 Sue Fullmer


Every Sunday @ Noon online

We discuss the service talk and catch up!

Please join us on Zoom (link below)



CSLSG Online Giving link


Text-to-give number:

(435) 850-6465

The vitality of Spirit is Self-existent, Self-Propelling. As I become conscious of my Oneness with Good, I am filled with enthusiasm and a sense of energy and vitality.

~ Ernest Holmes ~

Ernest Shurtleff Holmes was an American New Thought writer, teacher, and leader. He was the author of The Science of Mind and numerous

other metaphysical books. The principles he taught as "Science of Mind" have inspired and influenced many generations of metaphysical students and teachers.

January Newsletter

As we gain the broader viewpoint, we shall see that

 Life must contain two fundamental characteristics. 

We shall see that there is an Infinite Spirit, 

operating through an Infinite and Immutable Law.

– Ernest Holmes “The Science of Mind” p.43


Today IS the first day of the rest of our Life!

I hope this finds you in the wake of joyful and connecting celebrations for your personal faith traditions. No matter how they manifest, they are full to the brim with the Light and Love that expresses Itself in each of us. May this year of 2021 reflect healing, perspective and growth as we transition to the new days that lie ahead.

I imagine we are all curious about how "normal" will now look and feel within the hybrid potential we have created as a world, as a community, and as individuals. Transformation is not an easy process, yet I encourage us to remember and know that the butterfly never regrets its arduous transformation from caterpillar. After all... it can now soar and glide!!

As the world transformed over recent months, so too has Center for Spiritual Living St George. Many hands and hearts made lighter the work of temporarily closing our physical sanctuary. And now those hands and hearts continue to be Guided in the ongoing transformation of how we shall glide and soar in the world and the ethers.

You can see that we continue to expand and enrich our guest speaker line-up on Sundays. We are motivated to keep you informed of opportunities provided by the leadership of the grand offices of Centers for Spiritual Living. We are working on reimagining how we can offer meaningful learning opportunities in the principles of Science of Mind and practical ways to broaden our perspectives and enrich our personal lives and relationships with the God-of-our-knowing.

Please stay tuned right here for all the exciting news as it unfolds. Let us know how we can help you - from prayer and emotional support to assisting you to get on Zoom for our gatherings. We truly are anxious to connect and share our tools and expertise. And our Love.

We strive to continue to be a place where you are spiritually fed in a deep and meaningful way. Bless us all as we walk into our new personal and collective future. That future's foundation is right here and right now. In Divine Creation with you and me and...all of us together.

Love and Blessings to all!

Marina Anderson

CSLSG Core Council President

Center for Spiritual Living St. George (CSLSG) is an open, loving and inclusive community that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. We are an official chapter of Centers for Spiritual Living. Located among the beautiful red rocks, warm sunshine and blue skies of southern Utah, we welcome all paths to spirituality. Come celebrate life with us!

Centers for Spiritual Living

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