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Service 11:00 AM | Community Conversation 12 PM


Coming up December 10th

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Living as Wholeness: Recognizing Wholeness; Seeing the Good in All

We are each a field of intelligence in which we see the Universe and every point of life in it as an unbroken wholeness.  All individuals and every relationship, as well as all events, are interconnected, mutually interdependent, and a pattern of perfection. We are all a luminous mystery in which the entire Universe rises, falls, and rests.



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Sunday, December 10th



 We hold in-person services every second-Sunday

on the lower level of the St George Masonic Lodge, 262 S Mall Dr.

(entrance on 1990 St, white awning).



Please arrive a few minutes early to meet and greet (doors will open at 10:30am).

We will have treats to share after service, so plan to stay for a bit to connect.


Please note that the parking just outside the white awning entrance (7 spots) is reserved for our guests who have mobility concerns. If you are not in need of special parking, please park in the regular parking on the NW side or on the street (S 1990 E St).

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Back of all form, there is a Divine Substance. Hid within every appearance there is an adequate cause. If we judge by the appearance alone, as though it were self-created, we are mistaking the shadow for the Substance.

~Ernest Holmes, 

Declaration of Principles

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