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CSL St George is pleased to offer its sanctuary space for rent as an event venue. Our rooms are perfect for weddings, baby blessing ceremonies, memorial services, classes, meetings, workshops, seminars and celebrations. In general the rooms are available weekdays 8 am to 5 pm and are not available on evenings that established events are taking place, nor any Sunday before 1 pm; Sunday afternoons vary. We have 60 chairs and 6 large tables for use in the sanctuary. Contact CSL St. George to inquire about availability.  

Wedding Officiants

Mary Klein, RScP, Sharon Shores, RScP, Chris McArdle, RScP are all wedding officiants. If you know anyone who is planning on getting married, having a commitment ceremony, or renewing their vows, etc. Mary, Sharon, and Chris are at their service. Email the Center or speak with one of them on Sunday for more information. 

The Power of Divine Love

“I now command the multitude of doubts and fears that crowd into my mind to be quiet, while the Divine miracle takes place in my life. I let every good I possess become multiplied as Divine Love acts upon my faith to bring into my experience everything necessary for (our) well-being.”  
~ From 365 Days of Richer Living, Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

I cannot think of a better message for any of us in this teaching at this time. 

With each passing day, it’s as though the “multitudes of doubts and fears” grow exponentially, demanding us to show our strength. While it may feel as though we are bombarded and that we reel from one crisis to the next, in fact, we are being called to expand our faith and trust in what we hold to be true –  that:  Love is the impulsion of the Universe.  Dr. Holmes wrote, 

Now is not the time to succumb to crisis fatigue. We can not allow ourselves to go numb, turn away, react, or despair. We are in this for the long haul of humanity’s awakening. 

It is now when the world appears as if we are at war, with ourselves, each other, and the planet, that I call on us to respond to that perceived separation with the LOVE, that answers all. It is now that we step up in a shared profound belief and knowledge that we lead with love. We do so when it’s easy, yes, but it’s imperative we do so when it seems impossible. We shall not allow hurtful or hateful actions of a few demoralize us when we can embody and be beacons of a faith that can free the world. We’re being called to see through the mist and bring forward the power of Divine Love.  This is what it means to see and to be the Light. It is up to us to be the guardians of a greater consciousness for this entire planet.

The call is clear...

Daily we meditate, and daily we do Spiritual Mind Treatment.  Daily we speak spiritual truth - we say NO to human error and YES to humanity’s best and highest possibility. Daily we act and model behavior of kindness and caring, in alignment with our values and principles. 

We encourage our Centers and communities to engage in positive activities:

For those eligible to give blood, do so. I have been in contact with Rev. Doug Fogelsong, one of our ministers in Las Vegas, and he informs me that the greatest service we can do beyond sending love is to give blood.

Create opportunities for people to gather together for spiritual practice and affirmative support.

Encourage locally-initiated activities in support of those in need – whether that be this latest tragedy in Las Vegas, natural disasters, or some other local area need.

Speak out from your courage and strength, reminding everyone that humanity is far better than these isolated instances.

Find news items that show humanity’s best actions, interest, decisions, and activities.

We are here to reveal the Truth that is already within each and every being on this planet. It is this practice, of being in service – of living in love – that is our intention and within this is the seed of inner healing. 

And so we stand together – knowing that when we do so, we bring Great Good to a thirsty world.

Please know you are Loved and Honored!


Dr. Kenn


"A World that Works for Everyone"

In July, I shared with you the value of open communication in my practice of prayer and meditation.  I used and defined for myself the word "wonder" and continued to claim my Word in the affirmation, "I move into my daily Life experiencing the sacredness of everything I do."  This affirmation not only allows me to continue looking at my spiritual living but to look at how I am duplicating the nature of the Divine in my own human experience.
As many of you know, I am half way through my chemo treatments. I am looking back at the planning that went into this health challenge. I use the word planning because I remember walking into my first chemo treatment ready to share my story - my enthusiasm for living from  principle, my calendar showing the end date of my treatments because surely there was some planning going on beyond that date and my readiness to be the model patient. Little did I realize, here was an amazing hospital staff whose part of their training was to listen to their patients. This would become a telling experience.

Immediately after my second treatment, and during my daily spiritual practice, I was reminded of a quote from my readings, the author I don't recall - "Wholeness:  when the way of our being matches the truth of our being." My mind went back to that first chemo treatment, to my story, my planning around my health challenge. 

I had spoken my truth, what I believed, but where was I one with my Creator and was I journeying to my place of unification with that consciousness?  As I identify with this aspect of the Self that is the Creator, I rise in frequency and the journey commences quickly.

I move in consciousness to a greater understanding that if I believe in the God that moves, lives and has his being in me, then the son/child of this God is ME. I am the Christ that lives in my heart as Love, as the Eternal Flame that uplifts, guides and inspires me. It is the time of this coming age of Christdom, of Christ consciousness available to all. I am helping to create a world that works for all!

"I am now choosing to hear myself, to know myself, to communicate with myself in the higher frequencies. I know what I know and the fear-based voice is being replaced once and for all by the Higher Self, the Christed Self that knows who he is. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

Loving Unconditionally,
Rev. Josie De Los Santos

Position on the Better Care Reconciliation Act



Subject: Position on Health Care


The Trump administration has created the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the result of which will make significant changes to Medicaid and reverse much of the initiatives of Obamacare.


Centers for Spiritual Living sees that it is in the best interest of all to create a health care system that ensures that all U.S. citizens have access, and will not be financially devastated in the process.


“All people have the right to lead a happy, healthy life, as it suggests in our very founding document. We have that capacity as a nation. We need to be aware that we are making a choice - either for or against that belief.”


“Access to a healthy life is the right to all and the economic health of any country rests upon this right”

“It is in the best interest of all to create a health care system that ensures that all U.S. citizens have access, and will not be financially devastated in the process”

“It is a basic spiritual principle that we are to do what we can to alleviate the suffering of others. When an illness leads to bankruptcy – or desperate GoFundMe campaigns - entire families and communities are adversely affected. Together, citizens of the United States could support a system where everyone who needs health care has access without the threat of financial ruin.”


From Centers for Spiritual Living  “Declaration of Principles”

    • We believe in the incarnation of the Spirit in everyone and that all people are incarnations of the One Spirit.
    • We believe the ultimate goal of life to be a complete emancipation from all discord of every nature, and that this goal is sure to be attained by all.
    • We believe in the eternal Goodness, the eternal Loving-kindness, and the eternal Givingness of Life to all.

From Centers for Spiritual Living Global Vision


We see a world in which every person lives in alignment with his/her highest spiritual principle, emphasizing unity with God and connection with each other; a world in which individually and collectively we are called to a higher state of consciousness and action.


We envision a world in which we live and grow as One Global Family that respects and honors the interconnectedness of all life; a world where this kinship with all life prospers and connects through the guidance of spiritual wisdom and experience.


We envision a world where personal responsibility joins with social conscience in every area of the political, corporate, academic, and social sectors, providing sustainable structures to further the emerging global consciousness.


We envision a world where each person has enough food, a home and a sense of belonging; a world of peace and harmony, enfranchisement and justice.


We envision a world that works for everyone and for all of creation.

Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes


The criterion for any man as to what is right or wrong for him is not to be found in some other man’s judgment.  The criterion is:  Does the thing I wish to do express more life, more happiness, more peace for myself, and at the same time harm no one?  If it does, it is right.  It is not selfish.  But if it is done at the expense of anyone, then in such degree we are making a wrong use of the Law.  

Other versions of the Golden Rule from Philosophy

The Silver Rule

Do not do unto others as you would not want done to you.

Kant’s Categorical Imperative

Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.  

Ethic of Reciprocity" passages from various religions: Bahá'í Faith to Taoism

See link for inter-faith examples and references



    • Read the media release to your congregation
    • If you have someone in your congregation who may be affected by these changes, ask them if they are willing to share their personal story with the media
    • Modify the media release below by adding your own thoughts and distribute to media in your area who you believe might be interested


June 26, 2017

H.R. 1628, Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017

Summary: CBO and JCT estimate that enacting the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 would reduce federal deficits by $321 billion over the coming decade and increase the number of people who are uninsured by 22 million in 2026 relative to current law.

June 22, 2017

Senate Health Care Bill - Draft document

Summary: Contents of actual bill up for discussion.

June 8, 2017

H.R.1628 - American Health Care Act of 2017

Summary: Outline of Act senators will be voting on



For immediate release

June 29, 2017


GOLDEN, Co – The release of the Better Care Reconciliation Act this week is leading Centers for Spiritual Living to stand with the American people for their inalienable right to pursue Life – which includes by its very nature the opportunity to accessible and affordable healthcare.

Centers for Spiritual Living shares the practice of the Golden Rule with Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Humanists, Atheists and many others, which provides a fundamental value that other people should be treated the same way that we ourselves want to be treated. This value is also fundamental to the American Dream, where all have the opportunity to create a productive and prosperous life.

Clearly the  access to affordable health care is an underpinning to achieving the American Dream but more importantly it is a commitment to living our spiritual values in a constructive and inclusive manner.

“Access to a healthy life is the right to all and the economic health of any country rests upon this right,” said Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader of Centers for Spiritual Living, noting that the right to “life” is listed alongside happiness in the Declaration of Independence.

The comment came in reaction to the Senate’s release on June 22, of its 142-page Better Care Reconciliation Act.

“It is in the best interest of all to create a health care system that ensures that all U.S. citizens have access, and will not be financially devastated in the process,” Gordon continued in acknowledgment of the excessive number of bankruptcies and crowd-funding campaigns due to uninsured health care bills.

It is the Centers for Spiritual Living firmly believe that since we would not want to see this for ourselves, accessible and affordable health care for all is clearly the right and spiritually appropriate thing to do.

“It is a basic spiritual principle that we are to do what we can to alleviate the suffering of others,” Gordon said. “When an illness leads to bankruptcy – or desperate GoFundMe campaigns - entire families and communities are adversely affected. Together, citizens of the United States could support a system where everyone who needs health care has access without the threat of financial ruin.”

Gordon states, while calling on all Center for Spiritual Living communities nationwide to engage in peaceful activities to affect positive change, and to partner with other spiritually-motivated groups who seek to live the Golden Rule through the US healthcare system.

To abandon those who are most in need is to demonstrate that we do not actually understand or practice our own religious and spiritual beliefs nor do we govern on our deepest spiritual values.  Centers for Spiritual Living call on all elected officials to address health care in the US from a true inclusive, compassionate expression of their religious and spiritual values.


Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) is an organization of nearly 400 spiritual communities in 30 countries around the globe that provide spiritual tools to transform personal lives and help make the world a better place. Based in Golden, CO, CSL is a member of the Association of Global New Thought, which includes Unity and Agape. Founded in 1927 as the Institute of Religious Science, its goal is to teach powerful principles for personal growth and global transformation, while honoring all paths to God.

For more about Centers for Spiritual Living, see

Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon

Spiritual Leader, Centers for Spiritual Living

Ph: 250-860-3500 | Cell: 250-317-2330

Email: [email protected]

Statement on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability 

Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) believes in the Oneness of all Life and Creation. We envision a world free of homelessness, violence, war, hunger, separation, and disenfranchisement. We see a world which has renewed its emphasis on beauty, nature, and love through creativity, art, and aesthetics.


We recognize the evidence of science: Human activity is the main cause of the climate crisis, and human creativity can be used to reverse its effects. The climate crisis is seen in extreme weather, changes to seasonal patterns, rising sea levels, species extinction, the melting of glaciers, and shrinking of the polar ice caps.


Climate change will affect not only our generation but our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations of humanity, as well as all other forms of life. It is a moral issue. The predicted impact of climate change will have a disproportionate impact on the least developed countries and on those living in poverty, who are least responsible for the emissions of Greenhouse Gases. It will displace whole populations and we lament the potential loss of culture identity and belonging.  


We urge our member communities to do what they can to be wise stewards of the climate and the environment in all phases of their operations and to encourage members to do so in the homes and workplaces. We call upon religious, political, and social leaders to address the climate change crisis as an urgent moral issue.  We urge local and state governments to support and invest in energy conservation and renewable energy development.  We urge national governments, including the United States, to respond to Global Warming with great urgency and firm leadership by enacting and supporting mandatory measures that reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and environmentally responsible practices.


We join with other organizations, including the Association for Global New Thought, The Parliament of World Religions, and the Universalist Association in taking a principled stand on this issue. The time for morally responsible action is now.

For Immediate Release                                                                      

Call to Action for all Centers...         

June 2, 2017

Centers for Spiritual Living

Golden, Colorado


Press Release:

Climate Change Statement and Position


The Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) stands in support of the Paris Climate Accord (Paris Agreement). We view Thursday’s decision by the Trump Administration to back out of the agreement to be a significant setback for any global effort to curb global warming.


The Paris Agreement was created to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions to help reverse the devastating effects of Global Warming. It is unfortunate that a Nation, which is one of the largest polluters historically, is taking such a step. The United States now joins Syria and Nicaragua, who did not sign the Agreement because it was viewed as too weak.  The Agreement has been signed by nearly 200 other countries.


We believe that God acts through creation, not independently of it. Statements which have been made to the effect that, “God will take care of Global Warming,” fail to recognize that each of us individually and us as a whole are responsible for our own experience - that God acts through creation. If we want a green and verdant planet, we will have to act in ways which support that outcome.


“Centers for Spiritual Living believes climate change and environmental deterioration are moral issues and as a spiritual organization, we must take a stand,” said Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon, CSL Spiritual Leader. “Climate change will not only affect our generation, but our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations of humanity, as well as other forms of life. We stand united with other faith communities in our call to care for the earth and to protect the poor and suffering.”


CSL recognizes the evidence of science: Human activity is the main cause of the climate crisis. This crisis is seen in the extreme weather, changes to seasons, rising sea levels, species extinctions, the melting of glaciers, and shrinking of the polar ice caps. The scientific consensus is clear.


The United States can best serve its own interests and those of all of humanity by continuing to be an environmental leader of the world in reducing emissions. Today’s decision to exit from the Paris Agreement moves in the opposite direction. “We recognize that our good is within us, so we awaken to our individual responsibility and empowerment to properly steward our planet. So, let our voices be heard and let our actions speak of our love for our planet,” said Dr. Gordon.


Below find two links where your members can get information about how to be good stewards of our planet:



Centers for Spiritual Living

Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon - Spiritual Leader