The Basics of Treatment:
A Spiritual Mind Treatment Workshop
Sunday, May 19th
1:00 to 3:00 pm

What is this thing called Treatment and how can we use it?

Spiritual Mind Treatment is Centers for Spiritual Living’s form of Affirmative Prayer. It is a scientifically based form of prayer that is used to bring about a change in conditions you might be experiencing in your life. In its formalized structure, there are 5 steps that help to bring us to the realization of the truth of any situation. We’ll go through each step and discuss its
structure and function. And we’ll explore what Ernest Holmes, our founder, describes as the Fire and Technique of Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Join Rev. Laura and the Practitioners for this 2-hour FREE workshop.
5 Levels of Attachment
Tuesdays, May 7th - 28th

Join us for the non-certified class series, based on the book by don Miguel Ruiz.

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Facilitated by Chris McArdle

Investment $80 when paid at once or $25 per week

From Whence We Came
Thursdays, April 4th - June 6th

Beyond Limits or Foundations

Sign up for the next 10-week certificated class for those working toward Practitioner certification or simply for general knowledge of the history and development of Science of Mind.

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Discussion Group
Mondays, 4:00pm to 5:00pm

What did she say?  Have you ever wondered – "What was it that Rev. Laura said about [this or that] during her sermon?" Perhaps you’ve had questions and did not have the opportunity to ask or they simply slipped by in thought.   

Join Chris McArdle RScP, Sue Fullmer, and Gwen Hadley on Monday afternoons to discuss Sunday talks as well as readings and articles from the Science of Mind Magazine!   

This FREE class is guaranteed to stimulate thought and discussion AND increase our understanding of the principles in our Science of Mind Teaching!!

2:30 - 4:00pm

Tattoos on the Heart:
The Power of Boundless Compassion
by Gregory Boyle

Gregory Boyle is a Jesuit priest who works in the heart of Los Angeles gang country. Father G, as he is known, is the founder of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang-intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program in the world. In Tattoos on the Heart, he distills his experience working in the ghetto into a breathtaking series of parables inspired by faith.

Arranged by theme and filled with sparkling humor and glowing generosity, these essays offer a stirring look at how full our lives could be if we could find the joy in loving others and in being loved unconditionally. From giant, tattooed Cesar, fresh out of prison, we learn how to feel worthy of God's love. From ten-year-old Lula, we learn the importance of being known and acknowledged. From Pedro, we understand the kind of patience necessary to rescue someone from the darkness. In each chapter, we benefit from Boyle’s gentle, hard-earned wisdom.

These essays about universal kinship and redemption are moving examples of the power of unconditional love and the importance of fighting despair. Gorgeous and uplifting, Tattoos on the Heart reminds us that no life is less valuable than another.

Thank you for co-creating our spiritual community!

“Prepare your mind to receive the best that life 
has to offer.”  
~ Ernest Holmes