Debi Barmonde 

Debi is deeply intrigued by the mystic and mysterious and metaphysical. After over 55 years in a very structured religion, she found the Center for Spiritual Living as she navigated a profound shift in spiritual beliefs. She was delighted to discover a philosophy that made sense and community that felt like coming home. Debi served 2-years on the Core Council here at the St. George CSL with Reverend Josie. She remembers how profoundly changed she was after experiencing affirmative prayer for the first time.  

Debi has been developing a personal transformational coaching business since 2010, now called Inner Compass Life. Many know her as the “face reading lady” since she uses Chinese Face Reading and 9 Star Ki as part of her coaching toolbox. Transformational life coaching also allows her to use her Psychology degree as she witnesses clients who escape stuckness and suffering, discover their unique “Inner Compass” which decodes and processes life, and come into alignment with their own North Star.

Debi is always well received with her message and sense of humor whenever she speaks at CSL St. George. 
Dylan Kidder

Dylan is devoted to the expansion of human consciousness through the study of sacred medicines, serving as a facilitator, educator and advocate for change. He began his self work in 2009 by starting his recovery from addiction and graduating the drug court program in 2011. After many years of self work and sobriety he began a project filming a documentary on indigenous shamanism in Peru in 2013. 

The healing retreat he attended proved to change his life forever and has lead to the following years of organizing gatherings for others to experience the miracles that take place within these circles. His love for others and passion for a thriving earth has connected him to this path. From Dylan's first ceremony he was introduced to the sacred frog medicine, Kambo. After assisting in hundreds of ceremonies and wittinessing first hand allowed him to connect deeply with this medicine. He has since gone in to train extensively leading Kambo expert, Giovanni Lattanzi and many other master practitioners, Dylan continues to develop advanced protocols, methods, and practice for an ever expanding list of treatments. Sacred Kambo has proven to be the most powerful and effective way Dylan has found to be of service to others in their healing as well as his own.

Mary Klein, RScP

After many years exploring different spiritual communities, Mary discovered Centers for Spiritual Living 25 years ago. She definitely felt as if she had come home. The message she heard was “we don’t do sin very well here, we believe it is behavior that needs to change.” She chose to take a few classes at that time to learn more. Trusting in this philosophy improved her personal and professional life greatly. In 2010, while attending a Women’s Retreat in Zion, the small but powerful voice inside of her said, “It’s time”. Mary knew immediately what that meant, it was time to continue her formal study of this philosophy. So she began the four year track of becoming a licensed practitioner for Centers of Spiritual Living. The last four years she has enjoyed working with New Thought Nature Ministries here in St George as a licensed practitioner.
Debbie Little, RScP
Debbie Little has been a Practitioner for twelve years serving CSLGL. She also works for the Clark County School District as a Braillist. She has been with the district for 20 years. She supports children who are blind and visually impaired. She is a grandmother with six beautiful grandchildren. She has produced a CD called the "Beloved" and loves writing and talking about Spiritual truth.

Christopher McArdle, RScP

Chris McArdle, a native Floridian, moved to St. George 13 years ago from Rockland County, New York and brought with him many years of Science of Mind study, training and insight. In his twenties while living in California, life led him to volunteer helping HIV clients prepare for end of life. This in turn led him to Louise Hay and the Church of Religious Science in Huntington Beach, California.

Years later and a move across country to St. George with his now regular practice and willingness to be open and listen to Spirit, he quickly learned there was a serious need within the GLBTQ community of St. George. In 2006 he became a spokesperson and a voice for the gay community, while working closely with the local activist and allies along with the ACLU, Lambda Legal and other organizations to be certain that support for young men and women was available to them.

At one point it became very clear to Chris that more in-depth spiritual training and tools would be beneficial while working with young men and woman. His newest calling was to become a Licensed Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living. This led him to a couple unique ventures. 

For the past few years Chris stepped back, took a leave of absence with his Practitioner duties and did much soul searching, asking the Universe, "What's Next" "Tell me what I should do" "How can I serve" The results? Well Chris will have to say "Stay tuned" because right now he still has no clue, but he is stepping into the uncomfortable! He is Open, available and ready to begin another step in the life of Chris McArdle --- or as Joseph Campbell calls it ---another Hero's Journey.

Jim Thompson, RScP

Jim Thompson has been a Practitioner for 14 yrs. He grew up in Religious Science in Bakersfield, California, where he was also licensed. He retired a few years ago after reaching the Rank of Lieutenant with the California Department of Corrections. He worked there 30 years; his last job was as the Training Manger at a new Prison in California City. He has been a serious volunteer with the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army and with the ARES/RACES group in Kern County. 

Jim has a very successful Practitioner Practice in Las Vegas and is active in his local Church. Public Speaking is like the gift of life to him, and he is fortunate to be able to spread our message of love and kindness where ever he goes.

Information on upcoming classes will be posted here when available. 

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