The Game of 

Insight & 



This noncompetitive board game propels your thinking beyond its limitations, into a realm of greater insight and inspiration.

Traveling over a continuous spiral, players draw cards and follow directions to explore emotions, consider new thoughts, and gain insight about a specific aspect of their lives. All participants join in each player's process by adding their unique ideas and perspectives.

A worksheet provides the space for you to record information gained during each turn and, most importantly, a place to write down what attitudes and behaviors you're inspired to take on from what you've learned throughout the game.

The longer you play, the deeper your understanding. The more often you play, the greater your self-awareness. Each game brings a completely new experience.

A sign-up sheet is now available at CSLSG.  Sunday, April 13 at 2 p.m. at CSLSG.  Please contact Monet Lion at 801 362-8116.

Every MONDAY -   5:30 PM

A Course in Miracles

"This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time. The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite."

Come join with us as we explore and expand!!! For Questions call Melvin Smith 435 688-1462


"Honoring the Sacred." 

If that inspires you creatively, come have a chat with Eli, our Spiritual Director, if you're willing to share that creation at service any time this month. 

EVERY FRIDAY - You are Invited!

6 PM - Community Potluck Dinner

7 PM - Ritual, sharing, music

Address:  CSLSG 908 N. 1400 West

                St. George, UT 84770

Welcome one, welcome all. 

Namaste. Ashe. Amen.

Welcome to The Launching Pad Zion! 

"We are a trans-denominational young adult spiritual community, and we are affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living. We honor all paths to God, Spirituality, and Consciousness. We are a welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates individuality, diversity, and creativity. Our purpose is Love."       

Facebook: Launching Pad Zion 


3rd Wednesday ~ 6:30 PM ~ 

908 N. 1400 West,  SG

For more information contact 

Circle Facilitator, Monet 801-362-8116

Our drum circle consists of participants facing each other across a circle and playing a balance of drums along with other percussion toys. We are primarily a Shamanic type circle using frame drums and assorted percussion for music-making in response to the Earth Prayers that are read periodically through the evening. It is a heart-centered activity that allows deep connection to the Earth. It is also a stress reducer and lots of fun!

No prior musical experience is needed to play with our group and there are usually plenty of instruments available for experimentation. All that is asked is for you to have a "playing consciousness" which Arthur Hull, modern day father of facilitated drum circles, describes as a supportive, collaborative attitude and sensitivity toward the group's musicmaking process.

"When people get together to drum, a vibration occurs...the drum channels expression of all kinds. It's a Universal element," writes Mr. Hull. Please, come join our "group groove."

Meet up times: 6:30 pm 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Meet up place: Center for Spiritual Living, 908 N. 1400 West, SG 

                        (If we go to a local park, notice will be on door)

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the Sacred Nature of this Circle, it is for adults, please.


1st & 3rd Sundays ~ 2:00 PM

CSL Sanctuary, 908 N. 1400 West, SG

No experience required! 

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, 

we cannot live without a spiritual life.
~ Buddha ~  

Thank you for co-creating our spiritual community!

APRIL 2014

All Events unless noted * are at the CSLSG Sanctuary 

908 N. 1400 West, SG 

>> CLICK HERE for Calendar <<

Sunday April 6

 9:30 AM - Meditation


 Reverend Josie De Los Santos

Sun Apr 6 Buddhist Meditation 2 PM

Mon Apr 7 - Course in Miracles

    5:30 PM Melvin Smith 435-688-1462

Fri Apr 11 - Launching Pad

    6 PM  - Potluck and Spiritual Living

Sunday April 13

   9:30 AM - Meditation


    ~ Debi Barmonde, Core Council

Sun Apr 13 Catalyst Game

   2:00 PM (Sign up at CSLSG) 

Mon Apr 14 - Course in Miracles

   5:30 PM Melvin Smith 435-688-1462

Weds Apr 16 - Drumming Circle

   6:30 PM  Monet Lion  801-362-811

Fri Apr 18 - Launching Pad

    6 PM  - Potluck and Spiritual Living

Sunday April 20

 9:30 AM - Meditation


Reverend Josie De Los Santos

            EASTER SUNDAY

Sun Apr 20 Buddhist Meditation 2 PM

Mon Apr 21- Course in Miracles

   5:30 PM Melvin Smith 435-688-1462

Fri Apr 25 - Launching Pad

    6 PM  - Potluck and Spiritual Living

Sunday April 27

 9:30 AM - Meditation


   ~ Elisha Christopher Hayden,

      RScP and Ministerial Candidate

Mon Apr 28 - Course in Miracles

   5:30 PM Melvin Smith 435-688-1462

Fri May 2 - Launching Pad

    6 PM  - Potluck and Spiritual Living