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The vitality of Spirit is Self-existent, Self-Propelling. As I become conscious of my Oneness with Good, I am filled with enthusiasm and a sense of energy and vitality.
~ Ernest Holmes ~


Meditation 9:30 a.m.

Gathering 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, September 7

Rev. Josie De Los Santos

Sunday, September 14

Elisha Christopher Hayden

Practitioner and Ministerial Intern

Sunday, September 21

Cindy Schmidt

The work of Byron Katie

Sunday, September 28

Rev. Josie De Los Santos

Guest Singer:  Mortonette Stephens

Science of Mind Magazine

August issue, available on newsstands now.

We are on the path of experience, just waking to the real fact of our true being; as we awake, we find we are surrounded by many false conditions, but there is something within which remembers the real state.  If you will sit in quiet contemplation of good, as an inner experience, you will experience the good which you contemplate.  You can do this only as you turn from that which is evil and dwell on the good alone.  The Universe will not be divided.

~ Ernest Holmes~ 



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Center for Spiritual Living St. George (CSLSG) is an open, loving and inclusive community that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. We are an official chapter of Centers for Spiritual Living. Located among the beautiful red rocks, warm sunshine and blue skies of southern Utah, we welcome all paths to spirituality. Come celebrate life with us!

September ~ Month of Expectancy

Our work will best be done in quiet expectancy and in calm confidence.  
The results rest in the Eternal Law of Good. ~ Ernest Holmes

A quote by Ernest Holmes says, that all life is intelligent, infinitely intelligent, and that evolution( i.e. growth, progress, and expansion) is the by-product of this intelligence.  That's a pretty exciting concept when you stop to consider it!. The soil knows exactly what to do with the seed, so the soil is intelligent.  The seed knows exactly how to grow in the soil, so the seed is intelligent.  The process from acorn to oak tree (evolution) is the by-product of this Infinite Intelligence.

What does this mean for you and me?  It means that we are surrounded by a Infinite Intelligence that responds to us, and it means that our nature is to grow, change and evolve as human and spiritual beings. 

In other words, everything that happens in your life does not happen "to you," but rather is happening "through you" and is a part of the creative process necessary to bring forward your own growth, expansion and evolution.

You are not here to achieve external accomplishments and life status and then simply maintain a status quo of "the good life."  No, you and I are here to grow with every season of life and expand our thinking, our concepts of good, our ability to accept and give love, our constructs of what is possible.  We are here to be stretched into an ever-increasing capacity for greater good, not just for ourselves, but for the world.  What greater life purpose could there be?  So ask yourself, "where have I gotten stuck in an old way of thinking?  Where do I see a pattern or rut that is keeping me from making real progress?  Where is the life intelligence within me calling for me to evolve?

Blessing Your Journey,

Rev. Josie De Los Santos

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