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The vitality of Spirit is Self-existent, Self-Propelling. As I become conscious of my Oneness with Good, I am filled with enthusiasm and a sense of energy and vitality.
~ Ernest Holmes ~


Meditation 10:30 AM

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Sunday, Jan 8th
Rev. Josie

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Lura Kingford

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Donnell DeMarquessa

Saturday Jan 29th
Rev Josie
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There is something in this attitude of Thanksgiving that carries us beyond the field of doubt into one of perfect  Gaith and acceptance receptivity... realization

Ernest Holmes


For your generous gift that co-creates our spiritual community!

Center for Spiritual Living St. George (CSLSG) is an open, loving and inclusive community that supports thinking creatively and living a deeply spiritual life. We are an official chapter of Centers for Spiritual Living. Located among the beautiful red rocks, warm sunshine and blue skies of southern Utah, we welcome all paths to spirituality. Come celebrate life with us!

Value Based Spiritual Living

Happy 2017!

The exploration of what is possible through the power of thought seemed endless 98 years ago when Dr. Ernest Holmes first published his work.  What made it a potent moment is not the date per se, but the unlimited potential to be released by humanity awakening to its power of consciousness.  Nearly a century later and at this beginning of a new year, makes this moment just as potent and rich.

Today, no greater task lies before us than to awaken to our full Selves, understand the power of our Word and come into the practical application of these tools and laws of mind. But the prize is not  individual emancipation - the end game is not solely awakening.

Holmes writes, "'The temple not made with hands' is silently being built by the emancipated souls of this planet."  The temple is nothing less than a holy welcoming place for all walks of life, all paths to God and all expressions of diversity, culture and religion.  The temple is open to all and inside all find shelter, nourishment, peace, comfort, inspiration and power.

The temple is the vision of a world that works for all.  If you are reading these words, then in ways both large and small, a torch has been passed to you.  A torch that is used to illumine your own mind, discover the power you possess to take control of your life circumstances and make of them a work of art.

So, let me ask you something ... What is your intention this year with the power that you have?

Wishing You the Power of Possibility in 2016!
Rev. Josie De Los Santos

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